Monday, July 30, 2012

Guide Net

I recently had a request for a guide net from Alan Peak of The Hatch Fly Shop. When we were discussing what types of wood he wanted in his handle he told me he would leave it entirely up to my artistic judgment. I was a little bit nervous by this because Alan went to art school for college, and I studied Political Science. I dug into my scrap pile, and found some scraps of the zebra wood I used on a smaller net I made for him earlier in the year. During one of our phone conversation he mentioned that he like Birdseye Maple, so I decided to do most of the handle in Birdseye. I was happy with the way this net came out.

The best part for me is seeing my work in pictures like this. Here's Alan after netting this girls first fish ever on the flyrod. Look at that smile!

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